out with the intro

tasneem out with the intro

my name is Tasneem Reganie, if you missed the banner. i am a 19 year old girl/female/car enthusiast/Call of Duty player/soccer lover/Drake fan/Manchester United Supporter/irritation/whatever. i live for the day i become successful, in every sense of the word (career, health, wealth, love, relationship, family and most importantly, happiness. oh and of course one day owning my own ’67 Ford Mustang GT500 Shelby).  i spend most of my days reading, writing, thinking and paying overpriced fees for everything because being a girl is expensive AF. i recently moved back to Cape Town after  relocating to Johannesburg for about 2 years (but was raised in Cape Town). a student of life & learning (majorly majoring in professional living in & out of the classroom called Earth and sometimes, you can find me in Space). everything else about me can be discovered with time & this isn’t an autobiography so, less about me & more about this – please, feel free to look around and get familiar with the site. with the help of myself, and of course, the internet, i now have a place where what i say goes. i’m so excited to take you all with me on this journey that i’ve been so (un)/lucky to call my life. now, let’s get this website party started?!

oh, and if you’d like, xboxlive: SleetyRobin7448 🙂


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