Contemplation Station

maybe i should just sell everything i own, buy a one way ticket to somewhereorother, and never return.

get a job in a little café, enough to live off, and spend the rest of my free time writing on a beach, that’s peaceful.

or find some adventurous dangerous man on my travels, on some Bonnie and Clyde shit and spend our lives on the run with a trunkful of cash.

but i spend too much time fantasising apparently, i wouldn’t say it was time wasted though..

although the time i spend daydreaming of things that could happen in my life, i could be working towards these things and making decisions.

maybe i will, maybe i will not. at least i’m willing?

either way, it could happen.. it will.. or,

plot twist: i’m in a euphoric mood.

i don’t know.

i don’t even know what i don’t know anymore i just know that i don’t know and if i ever will know and do i even want to know?

i’m just floating in the grey.

anyway, do not make decisions at 4am when you’re sad.

One thought on “Contemplation Station

  1. The feeling when You drifting away from life completely..
    Let Life Take Its Course.. Eventually, things fall into place

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